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My see-saw tipped and stayed one side

I still forget sometimes the importance of ensuring that ‘equilibrium’ is given a special place in my life. I am comforted by the fact that, as regular as a ‘heart beat’ our subconscious equilibrium or life pendulum swings away in the back ground regulating lifes necessities of having balance in our everyday existence. Too much of one thing leads to less of another and so backwards and forwards the see-saw swings balancing life, balancing me!

My recent experience of ‘balance’ ……. is about, mind, body and spirit. So we need to achieve balance in all of these areas and not just in one. Too much exercise with our bodies and not enough time spent on our spiritual awareness and development, may start an imbalance, mentally and then physically. Understanding these parameters we need to be able to be in the moment and be present. Happy with just ‘being’.

So understanding this a little? and it’s importance is one thing but putting it into effect is another.

Pushing in one area and striving to succeed in ambition and success should be a good thing …. correct? This shows dedication of our spiritual goals and strengths as a person. But doing this with no ‘balance’ no ‘equilibrium’ and totally pushing one way, the see-saw will tip and my see-saw did tip!

Ego heavy on oneside, energised and focused on achieving these goals, allowing my ‘ego’ to push me on. ‘Ego’ my personal cheer leader, shouting my praises, my personal trainer whispering in my ear “keep going” and “push harder” of course it’s going to tip.

So there I was, fitness at it’s best, enjoying the agility obstacle floats at the water park and I had the sudden realisation that it did not matter how fit I was to keep falling off the floats and into the water, praising myself having the strength that I had to keep climbing back on, time and time again. I realised it’s not the strength I needed but a peaceful, quiet and focused mind, to evenly distribute the weight slowly across the floats. The key to staying on the float was balance! The key was not to fall out of life but keep on!

So here I am, a potter working on my pottery wheel, centering a ball of clay, firstly clearing my mind, grounding myself and delivering weight from my arms through to my hands evenly, ensuring a balanced utensil of clay is designed. This is not achieved through strength but from balance and a peaceful, quiet mind.

There are no wrong roads, just ‘roads’ layed out in front of you awaiting each step. All journeys are the right journeys moving forward but recognising the importance to include balance into our lives and respecting it with utmost love is the key to our positive well being.

Devika x

I wanted to share with you a particular lesson I experienced recently on my journey, so I decided to write the above and add this to my blog. Though having completed it, I decided not to post it because the message that I was trying to share with you did not feel complete and I felt that there was something missing.

So many weeks later, I awoke in the middle of the night and started to write this missing piece of the message, in fact the main point of this whole posting.

Imbalance!! the see-saw is going to tip and the scales will drop on one side regularly because this is what life is all about and it’s the living and the exploring of the unknown with it’s new awaiting experiences that knocks everything out of balance. It is for us as individuals to seek within ourselves ‘our’ balance whilst exploring every next twist and turn in the beautiful journey of life!

Devika x

Centering and balancing


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