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‘May the force be with you’ a quote that is familiar to most of us who remember the 80s and the reminder of the desperate need to make a homemade ‘lightsaber’……..

Is there some other force or vibration out there amongst the stars and the numerous billions of galaxies? Why are we so interested in this phenomenon and why do we hold on to a glimpse or whisper of the very notion that there just might be!

Interested in this subject? ‘yes I am’ and that made this a very easy commission to paint for a customer who is also interested in this very subject.

I started painting the foundation of the tile in black and sapphire blue glaze and probably more blue than black allowing the light to travel through the glass, enabling the piece of wall art to change it’s energy and mood depending on the time of day and use of artificial or natural lighting.

Then I started to introduce the characters using the white glaze on top of the dark consuming glazes, encouraging the light paint to be absorbed and give the effect of something not quite solid. More solid black glaze was added to the areas above the heads giving the appearance of solid darkness in space and to the eye socket area also.

Finally, I added Botz ‘mirror glaze’ which is as it says ‘reflective’ containing a silver metal and this gave the composition an extra depth of lighting.

Additionally in the design a small inscription of ‘may the force be with you’ has been included in the painting, a message for the recipient to enjoy.

I have included a few extra ‘work-in-progress’ stage photos for your curiosity.

Hope you enjoyed this process and subject.

Love & light, Debbie x