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The Power Animal ‘Wolf’

The completed tile. Now safely with it’s new owner. The final firing process was great and tile n kiln behaved themselves. Thank you x Debbie xfinished-wolf

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The Power animal ‘wolf’ +

step-7A couple more late photos and I am going to call it a night. A few more hours tomorrow and I should have completed the wolf and tightened up the whole project . Then ready for it’s first firing!

The Clay paints are difficult to use when you are only using a couple of colours and the slightest additional over load of the paint can ruin the whole project. So slowly does it, adding a little more clay at a time and watching the project come together as it starts to come alive. Love this gentle development.

More photos tomorrow. Debbie x



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The power animal ‘wolf’

So enjoying this commission, especially as it is my Power animal and my ‘aficionado’ of wolves.

Only a few stages to show you today but there will be more postings shortly.

The challenge of only using black and white glaze is testing my love of this animal.  As I so want him to eventually take centre stage in the beautiful majestic moonlight. I am hoping that you will feel his vibrational energy ringing through the mountains when the tile is finally finished.

Excited to get back to it…… Debbiex