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Being true to yourself!

This is a commission for a customer and whilst it progessed into a design, the customer and I became good friends.

Time was not an issue, the subject and design was completely in my hands.

The road that I was on with clear views ahead took a sudden diversion off and the journey decided to go on to another path. I lost my way for awhile and was unclear of it’s future but with the love of the universal light and it’s clear messages through meditation, the final design was completed, with all of it’s lessons to be learned.

Devika with love x


The journey…….

Hamsa or The Hand of Fatima is often recognised as a symbol of protection and to ward off negative energy. It is also believed to promote healing and facilitate miracles.

I am a ‘light worker’, ‘healer’ and in a time of unrest, uncertainty; Love, prayer, healing and miracles shine the brightest, purest light. Devika x

Hamsa is also known as 5, this for me depicts ancient geometry; The Pentagon and The Pentagram, life it’s self symbolised in mathematics.

The symbol of the hand resonates for me; femininity, protection, strength, peace and most of all love.

‘Love’ being the strongest element of energy and will prevail and dissolve all doubts and fears. It’s infinitive and abundant. It is in every cell, intangible and tangible. It’s the strongest source of energy to mankind and life it’s self.

The eye I have made from dichroic glass. It’s placed in the center of the hand and resonates here with different coloured light depicting the transparency of the universe and it’s open accessibility to everyone and everything. It’s centered here in the heart of the ‘Tree of Life’, connecting earth with divine light and how both are relevant to each other and it’s essentiality.

The tree of life accepts nourishment from mother earth and it’s branches reach up high into the sky accepting energy from the sun, moon and universe. The energy then reflected back down into the earth and then it’s roots. Recycling negativity energy, replenishing positive energy, giving healing and fertility.

Five fingers; hand mudra

Thumb: Fire element; solar plexus chakra; yellow

Forefinger: Air element; heart chakra; green

Middle finger: Ethereal element; throat chakra; blue

Ring finger: Earth element; root chakra; red

Little finger: water element; sacral chakra; orange

All of the above used in different methodology of wellbeing to promote peace, healing and positive energy.

The triangles in the roots of the trees, symbolise pyramids providing strength and new life. The dots symbolise infinity.

The project included crystal glazes, green and blue, representing ‘Love and Life’ and the circle of handmade tiles ‘the universe’. x

Devika with love x


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