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Mr Clay

The challenge begins!

Every pack of (12.5 kg) clay that arrives, you consider it’s challenges. Each pack of clay has it’s own animal behaviour, it’s own living soul!

Today, ‘will you ‘Mr Clay’ mirror every movement of how I handle you as you dry?’ or  will my confidence over power you and my speed overcome your movement.

As you dry, stretch and shrink, please do not warp or crack…….stay still, stay quiet as I place you gently outside to dry gracefully in the sunshine.

Dry slowly ‘Mr Clay’, not too quickly!

I observe you daily, hourly as I attentively watch you change colour and shape, witnessing the sun consume all the moisture from your body, leaving nothing but the natural hardened dry earth.

‘Mr Clay’……it is time, the oven awaits you. Your destiny is now with the inferno of fire, ‘I pray you will behave!’.  I will see you again in the morning when our new friendship starts again!! xx









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